Yet Another Bottled Water Ban - This Time Seattle

Posted on Mar 23, 2008 - 09:31 PM
By: Adam Beazley

According to a recent story in The Seattle Times, it looks like the city of Seattle will be following San Fransisco’s lead by no longer purchasing any bottled water for city employees.

Now, of course the city cannot stop employees from bringing their own bottled water, but why would they need to, Seattle has one of the best municipal water supplies in the country. Not only that, but at a fraction of a penny for each gallon of city tap water, it is a steal compared to $8 per gallon of store bought bottled water. Officials believe that the city will save over $58,000 per year by no longer buying bottled water.

In my opinion this is a great step and I hope all American cities will begin doing this. I have always said that tap water is just fine and if you live somewhere where are worried about your tap water, then buy a good water filtration system and be done with it. A one time investment in a good water filter will cost less than continually buying bottled water on a weekly basis. Not only that, but as pointed out in the executive order signed by Mayor Nickels of Seattle, over 17 million barrels of oil are used to create plastic bottles for U.S. bottled water consumers. That is not to mention the energy used to bottle, package and ship these awful things across the U.S. and the fact that only one in every ten bottles are even recycled.

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By affiliate program on 10/02/2008

I’m really impressed with your article, my friend will be so exciting to read that. Thank you for sharing, Cheers.

By Seattle personal injury lawyer on 01/12/2009

Do bottled water bans include bans on huge water cooler bottles of water or just individual ones?

By Adam Beazley on 01/12/2009

Basically the city is just not going to buy small clear bottles of water like you get at a convenience store. I’m not sure if they were previously purchasing the larger water coolers, so I can’t say for sure.

By Smith -Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer on 03/18/2009

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By Filtered Water Vancouver on 06/10/2009

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By Yuri Aquasana on 12/23/2010

I used to think that I’m protecting myself by drinking bottled water. But it turned out that bottled water can be the biggest rip-off. There are just no US government standards that require bottled water be any better.

I found the following FDA statement: “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public.”

By Ryan on 01/03/2011

I completely agree with your statements, Adam. Why spend unnecessary money and continue to add to the plastic industry (when not needed). I also agree that a one-time cost of a water filter system will definitely save money in the long run and help the environment. Thanks for the great article and keep up the good work.

By Tony on 01/03/2011

It’s funny you bring this up because just yesterday I was talking to my wife about how our tap water is just fine and that she didn’t need to go buying bottled tap water but I digress. I hope many more cities take after Seattle because lord knows we need to save some money in this country.

By WaTer FiltErs on 02/28/2011

Absolutely,if your city has a decent water filtration system then by all means use tap! Think of the money saved both personal and city, state if we all bought one of those cute, metal, refillable bottles. Also, think of the plastic we wouldn’t be using.

By filter outlet on 03/07/2011

Absolutely! I wish my city would go on a bottle water ban. We recently purchased water filters and fill up the reusable containers. We need to start taking saving money more seriously.

By water filters on 03/15/2011

Brilliant initiative! I recently watched a documentary “Tapped” and I was impressed with the damage that plastic bottles do to the environment. The best we can do and have a personal bottle and carry fresh water when we need on the go.

By Mobile Mass Money on 03/16/2011

Yeah, tap water isn’t that bad and I have to agree with your post. If people are worried about their tap water, a water filter wouldn’t hurt. Water filters are good investment, compared to always buying bottled water every week. This could not only save you money, it can also save you more time.

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