Possible Ban on Wind Energy… Why?

Posted on May 27, 2007 - 10:16 PM
By: Adam Beazley

A new bill was introduced by Chairman Nick Rahall (D-WV) in the House Natural Resources Committee, which would essentially make it a crime to produce clean electricity from wind turbines. The bill H.R. 2337 is nothing but a clever way to line the pockets of big oil, coal and other fossil fuel related businesses, by taking advantage of honest caring people.

The H.R. 2337 bill is camouflaged as an “animal protection” bill which would help save the lives of migratory birds that are killed by wind turbines. Unfortunately, birds are occasionally killed by wind turbines, but the number is so small, it is barely worth mentioning. The fact is, of all bird deaths, only .003% are a result of wind turbines, that’s 3 wind turbine related death out of every 100,000 bird deaths. And the wind industry is currently funding many different collaborative research programs to help put a stop to these unfortunate bird deaths.

When compared to other energy methods, the total effect on our nations wildlife from wind generated energy is almost non existent. There is much greater harm is being posed to our nation’s wildlife with harmful mercury emissions from coal power plants, radioactive waste and thermal pollution from nuclear energy, and other hazards associated with fossil fuel and other energy usage. So, if this bill really is what it is supposed to be, an animal protection bill, then you would think that the provisions would extend to all forms of energy production and not just wind turbines.

It is for this very reason that I believe this bill is a slick way of tricking caring individuals into signing a bill which would ultimately create an unworkable bureaucracy that will delay clean, emissions-free wind energy projects throughout the United States. Not only would this bill stop any new wind projects, but it would force all currently producing turbines, including small residential units to cease operation 6 months after the passing of this bill, until each and every turbine can be “certified” through a bureaucratic process that would take years. The bill also imposes a $50,000 fine or a year in jail for anyone using an “un-certified” wind turbine.

If you are like me and you feel that wind energy is an essential tool to creating a sustainable future that is clean and free of dependence on foreign energy sources, then take a stand today. Please take a minute and sign the petition to put a stop to this ridiculous bill.

Veto HR 2337 here

or Use this online form to send your representative an email or letter


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By Walter Jewell on 05/28/2007

This is pure BS, and should be thrown out with the trash at the end of the legislative day. Chairman Nick Rahall must be on crack!


By Tom Gray on 05/28/2007

Thanks for your help.  This is a big deal.  Just to give some perspective, we and others have been working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for about 3 years now to set up a formal process to review their existing guidelines for wind farms, and the first meeting has yet to be held, due to all of the legal hoops and hurdles they must deal with.  Certification would be a much more complex process, and the idea of banning all new wind farm construction until it is up and running is totally off the wall.  The legislation as written is really a backdoor way to destroy the industry.

More background information, including our written testimony on the bill (we were not asked to testify in person) and a list of state wind siting regulations already in place, here.

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association

By holzbox on 06/03/2007

more birds die every year flying into skyscrapers than wind turbines.

this is asinine, rahill needs to be kicked out, along with this bill.

By Jim Stewart on 09/26/2007

Sigh. It really is to bad that a few hundred people(read those at the top of big coal and oil) will trade in the planet to line there pockets….breaks my heart.

By Whatever-ishere on 11/21/2007

thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

By Johnnyb on 12/20/2007

I don’t think that its so much about the birds that are being killed, but species of birds that are hardest hit mostly raptors and migratory birds.  I really wouldn’t care if these wind turbines were just killing a bunch of pidgeons, but they are killing cranes, falcons and eagles. 

Wind power has more problems than just killing birds and spoiling natural landscapes, and those big turbines really don’t live up to their hype.  In Denmark and Germany they have done nothing to reduce the production of green house gases, and greatly increase the cost of electricity.

As much as I wish it weren’t so, wind power has proven itself to be a practical failure, but a huge political success.  Best thing to do with them is to drop all these manadates for renewable energy, and quit requiring utilities to connect them to the grid and buy their power.  No need to ban them, because they are so impractical that no utility company would choose to use wind power.

Best thing to do is follow the lead of France and build more nukes.  They require the least land and no major infrastructure upgrades from coal fired plants.  They release no CO2 and produce nice constant electricity at a constant voltage and frequency.  I wish wind and solar were practical alternatives too, but the simple fact is that they are not and their negitives way outweigh their positives.

By mike on 03/01/2008

Hey bud… not too sure if that last comment was a joke, or you truly are remarkably naive. 10 years ago we built a cottage and Ontario Hydro wanted $10,000 to put it power lines. For this price, we installed a small wind turbine and 8 medium-sized solar panels. They work beautifully and when we lived there for 8 months while our new house was being built we didn’t need to use a generator once. Our alternate energy system was sufficient enough to power a full sized refrigerator, a full sized dishwasher, a 1000 watt microwave, 1500 watt toaster, a deep water well pump, and numerous other electrical appliances. To date we have saved thousands of dollars in monthly bills and we haven’t released a gram of CO2 because of it. If you ask me… it definitely works. Oh bye the way check this out. http://www.homepower.com/home/

By Dishwashers on 06/12/2008

I think it’s more to do with wind turbines not actually producing enough energy. Wind farms take up huge amounts of space, and produce relatively little energy in comparison to a standard power station. Wind turbines are more a symbol of clean energy than anything else. Nuclear power looks to be the way forward, although people are understandably wary after some past disasters.

By mike on 06/14/2008

Everyone says that nuclear is the future but i disagree. Huge amounts of fossil fuels are used to get the ore from the ground. This ore then has to be refined (using more energy) transported to the power facility, and then properly disposed of (which we still haven’t figured out). Sure the nuclear plant itself is smaller per unit of energy that it produces versus a wind farm, but we still have to consider the intensive extraction processes necessary to get the Uranium in the first place. Also the chemicals used in separating the useful from the waste. Arsenic trioxide is one such chemical, it takes a very long time to decompose, is very toxic to life and once used is poured into a tailings pond that floods hundreds of acres of land. In fact it’s so toxic that they have to use dummy cannons to scare birds away so they don’t land in the pond and die. Also, however small there is still the threat of meltdowns or terrorists targeting nuclear stations. After taking all of this into account, wind really isn’t so bad, doesn’t destroy land, can’t explode and leak radiation, and it reclaims all the energy used to make it within 30 days of installation.

By Ryobi on 04/12/2011

That is what happening in underdeveloped countries.These countries are suffering from severe power shortage but big giants oil and thermal energy companies are doing their best to keep wind and solar energy technology away from these countries by bribing their governments.

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