Complete Car Hydrogen Conversion Kit From United Nuclear

Posted on Mar 24, 2007 - 06:26 PM
By: Adam Beazley

A good friend of mine just sent me to

United Nuclear’s website the other day to have a look at their new conversion systems for late model cars. n my opinion this is a fantastic breakthrough in the alternative energy world as they have found a way for us to produce and store hydrogen safely using Hydrides.

The systems works by using hydrogen in a typical (slightly modified) internal combustion engine and instead of burning hydrocarbons it burns the hydrogen. This of course almost eliminates all emissions aside from a small amount of nitrogen oxides which can be easily filtered out.

hydrogen generatorThe genius in this system is that fact that it comes with a solar powered hydrogen generator which you can use to generate your own hydrogen at home. In a nutshell this will allow you to never have to buy gasoline again. Even though the small hydrogen generator will generally take about 2 day to generate enough hydrogen to fill a small canister, you should still be able to always have enough on hand to never buy gasoline again.

Now there will be times where you will need to use gasoline, and this system allows you to switch back and forth between gasoline and hydrogen with a flick of a button, so those long trips are still an option.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that Hydrogen gas burns so much faster than Gasoline, engines with compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1 are very susceptible to damaging pre-detonation (engine knock). For this reason, Hydrogen conversions are not recommended for vehicles with turbochargers, superchargers, or compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1. Also, because of the higher compression, different ignition system, and host of other factors, the Hydrogen Fuel System will not work on diesel engines.

Now of course with any good system and great idea which saves money and gasoline comes the “Big Business Conspiracy”.. “The Man”. According to‘s website, here is the latest news about United Nuclear:

United Nuclear Raided by U.S. Government :

Inventors can’t be allowed to provide viable alternatives to hydrocarbon derived gasoline directly to the public. It just can’t (and will not) be allowed. If you try it, men wearing black ski masks will show up, point guns at your head and steal your plans, records and computers.

They hate us for our freedom!

People who make jokes about “conspiracy theories” should try this one on for size:

Instead of moving forward with our research, 100% of our time and money is now being spent on fighting a legal battle with the U.S. Government.

Some time ago, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recruited the SWAT team and other Government agencies to raid our facility confiscating all papers, plans and computers.

They are attempting to block all sales and use of the chemicals used in our Hydrogen storage system.

The materials in question are common Oxidizers and have never been illegal to own or purchase and are not even classified as hazardous materials.

Isn’t that just a shame?

Well until they are up and running again, there are other viable options like this

Oxy-Hydrogen Generator. It’s not a total sustainable solution, but hey it gives you 28% better fuel economy.

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By PC-Bjorn on 04/03/2007

We all need to act on this. United Nuclear should publish their research to P2P networks and let foreign companies pick it up on one condition: NO PATENTS.

There is a world outside of America as well, and American oil politics is trying to ruin it intently! Energy is most certainly not the property of Bush and his bullies. Let’s prove it to them.

I’ve been watching United Nuclear for a while, and I think their project deserves respect and encouragement. They should have some kind of PayPal-donation-system. If their product works as proposed, it might be THE system that saves the world (taking into account the growing number of cars in China and India).

Talk about this technology to everyone you know. Public interest is what will save this project!

By Nathan Calvert on 11/05/2007

I am currently researching and building a very compact and economical hydrogen generator specifically designed for 4cylinder/4carb motorcycles. It uses four separate reaction chambers and uses the carbs to control airflow. The carb bowls and float chambers are removed and replaced with gas outputs from each of the four reaction chambers. The reaction is controlled by a simple 555 PWM circuit which rate is adjusted by a simple variable resistor or pot at the pulley on the carbs (the system is very easy to manufacture and install). I plan on retaining the tank for water supply and with a small water pump for topping up the generators (giving the internals of the tank a rustproof coating, using stainless throughout and installing a stainless exhaust system.

The bike being used is my Bandit 1200,which as is returns 35-40 mpg on standard fuel and I believe I could easily achieve upwards of 80mpg of WATER with this system, and as each carb has it’s own reaction chamber it will be easier to fine tune and balance the distribution of hydrogen to each cylinder.

Modifications for longevity will be things such as ceramic coating on the engine internals and a lower compression ratio (a cylinder rebore or head gasket spacer) and titanium valves to withstand the higher temperatures and an ignition advancer/retarder system to alter timings to prevent engine detonation. Also valve clearance tolerances may need to be revised, again to the higher operating temperatures withing the combustion chamber.

All of the above internal engine work will be carried out by mechanics sourced from outside the project and as such I will have to wait until I have enough funds to do so.

It’s a shame the government don’t give hand outs to people trying to improve the world!!


By Cars India on 05/21/2008

Really good information on hydrogen kit for cars. this is a good fuel option.

Cars India

By Car Lease on 07/17/2008

@ Nathan Calvert - Seems like you are working on a project that will potentially be of good use for human kind. Please keep it up and hope someone with authority can help you with the funds you need. Did you mean that Water was actually used to fuel the motor?? that’s cool.

By New car price quotes on 08/08/2008

Amazing, I’m just wondering how will this technology affect and transform the car industry and car businesses. To me it will take a while before we see new technologies standards in our roads, there’s too much money invested right now on what it is established, this will be of no convenience for the Big car industries and Petroleum companies.

By Car Donation on 10/05/2008

Good stuff.. Made for a brilliant read.!

By Erik Z on 11/11/2008

That’s really cool, didn’t know there was any kit like that.  I wonder how good it is truely though.

By number plates on 04/22/2009

I am planing to modify my car to hydrogen fuel. . .where can i get hydrogen kits in India?

By car accessories on 09/21/2009

Nice to know that there are already hydrogen kits. And I hope that more of these will be out in the market. This could lessen the pollution.

By car service on 10/09/2009

What a pity. I really thought that government tactics like that would change now that Obama was in. Sure, the gasoline industry would collapse, but wouldn’t alternative industries rise up in its place? And wouldn’t the car service and mechanical repair industry benefit from the additional work in converting and maintaining those vehicles? I hope the inventors had a patent, at least. One thing that could be considered as a social service (although it would definitely require a lot of unselfishness!) is simply making the plans available to the public. Clever mechanical engineers and even home hobbyists could probably knock up their own.

By car insurance quotes on 10/27/2009

At least progress is being made for practical alternatives in ways to power vehicles. I’m sure in time a viable choice will be developed and adopted by worldwide. A conversion kit is always a good idea because it means no one has to go and buy another car they can adapt the one they have. This is a choice many would prefer over getting a new car. Thanks for sharing this informaton and here’s to this technology moving along quickly.

By LA Limo on 11/27/2009

I agree with them, converting a car to hydrogen would be really really dangerous, converting it to bio diesel however would cost about 600 bucks, and works great, i have a friend who converted her volkswagon jetta diesel and she drove from kentucky to texas to california and all the way back to kentucky, and it cost her 30 bucks in gas, the veg oil she got for free from mexican restaurants along the way…but again you have to know what you are doing, and be prepared to replace seals more frequently than youre used to, but seals usually cost 2-3 dollars so its still saving in the long run.

By Car Accident Claim on 11/30/2009

It is Amazing, I’m just wondering how will this technology affect and transform the car industry.My point of view “conversion” means converting a car from fuel injection to carburetor before installing the gadgets.
Car Accident Claim

By Car Accident Compensation on 12/02/2009

Wow!! thats really a small amount!! the last cell i made was pushing out 1L/min on a 6amp battery charger without any vaccume on it.
regarding the ported question, yes, i feel that it has a very good design

By thai silk on 12/13/2009

Your work is fantastic looking, the site is a snap to navigate… Consider me a fan!

By florida drug and alcohol course on 12/14/2009

Hydrogen-powered cars are likely a decade away from mass production, but can the consumer really wait that long, especially in light of record gas-price increases in 2007?

In what has become the “Now Generation,” scientists and consumers alike are anxious to experience this very moment the opportunities hydrogen-powered vehicles have to offer. They can not wait to eliminate the dependability on gasoline.

By car recovery on 12/22/2009

I need an exact estimate on how much it would cost to convert your gasoline car into a hydrogen car. I would like to know how much would it cost if you do it yourself and if you took it to a car center. Thank You

By Bumper Repair Orange County on 03/30/2010

This is great news. Now people can stop worrying emitting harmful carbon monoxide into the air as they drive! I’m just wondering how much this technology would cost an average car owner.

By Auto insurance on 04/05/2010

May be it will take some amount of thousands and dollars or otherwise you may buy a cylinder and change it yourself and thanks for sharing your thoughts to us..

By car insurance company on 04/06/2010

Its depend up on a converter equipment and installation charges because it will vary a lot…

By 2BHK & 3BHK flats in Pune on 04/09/2010

nice posting….......its always great reading such posts, this post is good in regards of both knowledge as well as information.

By Builders in pune on 06/08/2010

Cool post very informative I just found your blog and read through a few posts although this is my first comment, i’ll be including it in my favorites and visit again for sure

By Florida Laerners Permit Test on 06/16/2010

Great Stuff,thanks for sharing…..........

By car insurance comparison on 06/30/2010

How much does this thing cost?
Personally, I am a little cautious about what I do to my car, especially if I don’t have clue what it does. However, I do believe hydrogen is the key it getting us off Arab oil.

By Air ticket agent in pune. on 07/10/2010

Nice post.I’m really impressed with your article, such great information you mentioned here..

By uv on 07/22/2010

How much does this thing cost?
Personally, I am a little cautious about what I do to my car, especially if I don’t have clue what it does. However, I do believe hydrogen is the key it getting us off Arab oil.

By miami airport transportation on 08/03/2010

Interesting article and great informational content and Thanks for this great sharing.

By Steven Howard on 08/05/2010

I believe that converting this kind of stuff will really benefit everything that you can have for your car to be eco-friendly. I think that car parts shops and stores like Car Parts Los Angeles should provide shops like this in the future. Having a good ecological technology sure will help us in many ways.

By F150 Parts on 08/10/2010

I’m looking for a complete kit that includes metal hydride storage tanks, and a way to convert my truck to use the H2 gas but seamlessly switch back to gasoline if need be. If it had a generator, that would be nice but I can find those online.

By kornco on 08/29/2010

due to the fact that Hydrogen gas burns so much faster than Gasoline, engines with compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1 are very susceptible to damaging pre-detonation (engine knock). For this reason, Hydrogen conversions are not recommended for vehicles with turbochargers, superchargers, or compression ratios greater than 9.5 to 1. Also, because of the higher compression, different ignition system and exhaust systems.

By Nissan Xterra Supercharger on 08/31/2010

This of course almost eliminates all emissions aside from a small amount of nitrogen oxides which can be easily filtered out.

By car brokers on 09/29/2010

I think the things you covered through the post are quiet impressive, good job and great efforts. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading all of it. Keep it up, lovely job.

By miami limo service on 10/18/2010

Good to know about something like this. We should try and do our bit to save our environment.

By Dating service on 11/04/2010

I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I’ve just stumbled this page for you

By Private Number Plates on 12/01/2010

This seems to good to be true, why aren’t we all taking this up?

By Cheap used cars on 12/23/2010

I agree with your point of view to a limited point.
As to conversion kits for Hydrogen just like conversion kits for CNG , pray the EPA doesnt get involved. If the EPA were booted from the certification , millions of cars could be converted annually. In IRAN they are using CNG and people pay $50 to have their cars converted to CNG with government subsidies.
But Hydrogen is still the best means and cheapest to utilize.

By los angeles toyota dealers on 01/06/2011

This hydrogen conversion kit is very useful. It burns the hydrogen instead of burning hydrocarbons. Apart from its usefulness one drawback of this system is that it can damage our vehicle’s engine knock.
Anyways, thanks for this post.

By toyota dealers in los angeles on 01/10/2011

It is nice to be here, as something different information is here for the car lovers. This hydrogen conversion kit is very beneficial as it is pollution free which is better for both for our environment and for us too.

By airport limousine on 02/01/2011

I am curious to know about hydrogen cars.what is special about a hydrogen car and what is not?I have been reading a number of articles about changing to hydrogen cars and how it would result in a decrease in pollution.

By Strut Assembly on 02/04/2011

wow so nice to have this kind or new technology on cars I getting a feeling that someday cars can fly! LOL

By Driving Safety Course Texas on 03/21/2011

A new and improvised kit from United Nuclear group is a good for most of the current automobiles, so how much does this cost?

By Campervan on 04/07/2011

This post was very well written, and it also contains a lot of useful facts. I enjoyed your distinguished way of writing the post. Thanks, you have made it easy for me to understand.

By Car Service on 05/23/2011

The bottom line is we need to get serious about alternative fuels. I’m no greeny but I do have kids and I would like to make sure that we are doing what we can to ensure they have a future. The big debate is about electric cars as they use renewable fuel however the environmental cost is still far too high to produce the batteries.

By Car Insurance on 05/28/2011

It is great to hear that alternative gasoline is introduced. Gasoline problem will be the main problem the world has to face in recent future. Therefore, introducing alternative gasoline is the only way to avoid the problem. Though some negative aspects are there, I hope inventor will work hard to make it useable for all by minimizing the negatives.

By auto parts on 05/31/2011

I do not know of any hydrogen conversion kits. But there are LPG or natural gas conversion kits. One of those with minor changes would work for hydrogen. Now where will you get the hydrogen?

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